SALAMUN ALAYKUM - May peace be upon you!
At this site it is our objective to present the religion of Islam in a way that is stimulating and thought provoking, in a manner that encourages learning and in a format that fosters constructive discussion.
In line with the other Abrahamic faiths, namely, Judaism and Christianity, Islam has linked entire humanity to the unique and single Divine Authority through the affirmation of one God. Islam leads humanity to the essential knowledge, which integrates our existence by making us aware what we are and what we need to be. The acceptance of the Divine authority brings up the commitment of living according to the Divine Will. The root "salama" in Arabic, from which Islam is derived, has two meanings: one, "peace" with a sense of security, and the other, "submission" to peace generating authority.
One who submits to the Divine Will - "a Muslim"- gains peace and security in this world and the next. The core message of Islam is that through the use of reason, which discerns between right and wrong, and between absolute and relative, one should accept to do good and to submit to the Will of the Absolute Divine Being. This Divine Will was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) in the form of the revelation of the "Qur'an", the Holy Book for the Muslims.
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This is the external expression of God's Will. God's Will also seeks expression internally in human creation, the vessel for Divine Nature - "fitrat Allah." This nature is the source for the guidance that all humans need as humans. Through constant performance of good and pursuing the right human mind is enabled to discover the laws of nature that guarantee the prosperity of all those who heed to the call of the Divine Nature in them.
Islam, then, is a universal message that includes humankind and the Universe about him. Its essential meanings and guidance need to be discovered in three areas:
1.  By practicing what God wants us to do (this is the meaning of the word 'ISLAM'); 2.  By understanding the true nature of things (this is the meaning of the word 'IMAN'); and, 3.  By transforming ourselves so that we can live in harmony and love with all other beings (this is the meaning of the word 'IHSAN').

In this way, Islam corresponds to the three dimensions of human activity in this world: 
1. To practice (Body); 2. To understand (Mind); and, 3. To transform oneself through perfection (Heart).
Essentially, the Qur'anic revelations to the Prophet Muhammad nearly fourteen hundred years ago are founded upon the principle of the Unity of God -tawhid, the sole Creator of the entire universe and the source of human unity as God's creatures. Every aspect of Islam revolves around the doctrine of Divine Unity, implanting in humanity the ability to realize its inner and outward life in such a way that every action should manifest sincerity, love, virtue and perfection.

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